​​​Mission & vision: 

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We

will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate

and walk alongside women and families in desperate need to

ensure that our pro life work is holistic, relevant, and  devoted to both the physical and spiritual life of those whom  we serve.

​​​did you know?

Our weekly Life Enrichment Classes allow for moms to be in attendance 

making childcare during class an absolutely essential part of the ministry. Children generally range between infant to preschool ages and are provided with play time, a Bible story & activity, snack, and a special time of music and singing.

Without our faithful core of childcare volunteers, 

our Life Enrichment Classes would be greatly

hindered if not impossible. The consistent, loving, servant hearts of our precious childcare volunteers

are valued beyond measure!

The Soulutions Center is open Monday from 10-1; Tuesday and Thursday 10-1. Wednesday 3-6 p.m. Closed Except for Appointments on Fridays. We are closed during school breaks such as Spring, Winter and Christmas Breaks. Donations may be left at our back deck anytime although large quantities must be pre-authorized by staff as our storage capacity is limited. 

a little history, an exciting future

Here at The Life Saver Ministries' Soulutions Center

we offer ongoing classes and workshops to provide

instruction in various life skills, relationship issues,

parenting topics, and more, all taught from a Biblical

perspective. This link will show you our current class

schedule;we are always in need of volunteer who

wish to come in and participate along with our class

attendees or perhaps lead one of our workshops.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out

more about helping in any way!

1985- Life Saver Ministries is born from the longing of one woman's heart to have a ministry to help women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. Headquartered out of Perth Bible Church in Amsterdam, NY, this ministry grows to garner support of churches throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to fund its efforts to operate a Crisis Pregnancy Helpline, 1.800.648.HELP, which was advertised in Yellow Pages throughout New England, taking tens of thousands of abortion related calls. Choices for life were made literally by the thousands (to God be the glory!). Life Savers strived to provide educational opportunities to equip the Church to respond to the abortion issue by hosting counselor training seminars to facilitate the development of skills necessary to counsel in situations surrounding pregnancy by providing factual information and sensitive, sincere care to meet the needs of the abortion vulnerable and post abortive women. A need to better meet the needs of mothers and families spurred the decision to change location of Life Saver Ministries to a three story building in Gloversville, NY, at 16 East Pine Street, opening a center called Soulutions.

2006- present:  This additional space has allowed for a greater offering of classes and greater capacity for attendance with as many as 60 women attending our weekly Life Enrichment class. God has provided an incredible group of faithful volunteers who provide the essential ministry of childcare during these classes making it possible for moms to attend. Our Bible Study and Workshops continue to grow as well pointing to a greater need for the spiritual hunger of our area to be filled. We are able to provide for more material needs than ever before as the purchase of a neighboring house serves as our storage facility for our TLC (The Love of Christ) arm of the ministry that sees that material needs are met for the women, children and families of our community and beyond. We strive to partner with Christian ministries and agencies in our area to see that the needs of our clients are met and opportunities for betterment are available. Our commitment to walk alongside women and families as they choose life for their unborn is a commitment that we take very seriously and realize does not end after the baby's birth, but rather begins, providing  a lifelong opportunity to minister to entire families and communities. 

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 Recent programs: 

Our ongoing  life enrichment classes equip women in our

community to see life through God's eyes, to be better mothers,

and to believe they are truly beautiful, deeply loved, and valued beyond measure. Workshops are expanding to

fill other days of the week as both need and interest grows!

eternal investments

We also offer a Post-Abortive Support peer counseling for women that creates a safe and comfortable environment for women to share and find support with their post abortive experience and any struggles associated with it. While woman's abortion experience is unique to them, it is not uncommon for there to be after affects that carry over into many aspects of life for years, and sometimes decades, to follow. We rightfully grieve a miscarriage in our society, but somewhere along the way it became taboo to grieve the loss caused by an abortion and further, to discuss the often difficult circumstances surrounding that choice. Please contact us if you would like to speak to someone who can help.
It's time to start that an open, compassionate dialogue.
It's time to find healing and peace for those who are still searching.

Please contact us at lifesaverheartbeat@gmail.com or 725.5777 if you would like to learn more.


A legacy of life: 

 God's faithful   sustainment of this ministry since its humble  beginnings  has grown into decades of being a voice for the  unborn, a comfort to the broken, and a light in the darkness. Our  work is  multi-faceted and ever evolving as we seek out the  best means to  achieve the maximum impact for life. 

As time goes by and our roots sink deeper into our immediate community, God continues to provide opportunity upon opportunity to be invested in the lives of the women, children, and families who walk through our doors-and into our hearts. Passionately pro-life at our core, Life Saver Ministries is committed to upholding life and our duty to speak life and hope into the hearts of those whom we serve and to do so from the earliest age possible. The sobering reality is that today's children are tomorrow's potentially abortion vulnerable young adults bringing a new layer to the pro-life mission, one that is proactive and vigilant in our approach to raising up a generation of young people after God's own heart, breaking the generational patterns of abuse, neglect, and addictions that are so prevalent in the lives of the families we serve. 

"take a child by the hand, take a parent by the heart"

    Upholding Life.

    Changing Lives.